The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band

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The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band is a band that is hard to classify.  Performing blues standards, original music, funk, R&B, and rock, the group has something for everyone.  Over the last four years, Dirty Bourbon has built a loyal fan base while playing pubs, clubs, festivals, bike rallies, pig roasts, weddings, and parties. As 2011 begins, the group continues to gig regularly while working on recording a full length CD...
Vocals and drums are handled by scene veteran "Uncle" Pete Griffith. With a voice reminiscent of Greg Allman, the rhythmic chops of Mitch Mitchell, and a keen sense of humor, Pete pulls off the difficult role of drumming frontman.
As the primary writer and arranger for the band, Seth City channels an exhaustive blues library and puts a modern twist on it to create something new, but familiar. On stage, his soulful chord work and searing solos will thrill fans of guitar pyrotechnics masters such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Zac "White Shoes" Walker adds the special touch that every blues band needs with his soulful saxophone.  A veteran of numerous groups, Zac adds a touch of Maceo to the group, filling out the band's sound with his horn hits, and adding a touch of class with his tasty solos.
Holding down the low end on bass guitar is Adam "Granny" Smith. His funky five string flavor keeps the band on track while Pete and Seth push the limits of their instrumental jam sessions.
Give this group a bottle of bourbon and a stage, and it will not be a night soon forgotten!

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